Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pinay Everest Episode of The Correspondents

ABS-CBN aired the Abner Mercado and Wilbert De La Cruz produced Pinay Everest episode of The Correspondents 13 June after midnight. It plugged on its web site the story on the 3 Filipina summiteers, "Another feat has been etched in Filipino history, as Noelle Wenceslao, Karina Dayondon and Janet Belarmino reached the peak of Mt. Everest last May 17 of this year!

Noelle Wenceslao reached the summit first, making her not only the first Filipina to reach the top of the treacherous Mt. Everest, but also the first ASEAN female to do so!

Karina Dayondon followed Wenceslao shortly after, while Janet Belarmino came next!"

Their story provided background information on the trip to Tibet and incidences of Acute Mountain Sickness. Perpectives on the 3 Pinay were highlighted, Janet and her motherhood, Noelle and her relationship with her father and deceased mother and Karina's inclusion in the expedition.

Leo Oracion of PCG and PALMC gave authoritative annotations on the trails the climbers have to go through.

However, to the disappointment of the cheering Filipino trekkers at the Everest Base Camp which was one of the unique moments when the 3 summiteers arrived, their presence was not appropriately mentioned at all.

The episode remains though to be an interesting view. Catch its replay on Studio 23.

-Chito posting from Central Luzon

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