Friday, June 29, 2007

One of The Greatest Archaeological Finds

Allow me to share the photos of Banny and Dom on our visit to another Unesco World Heritage site, the temples of Siem Reap, said to be one of the greatest archaeological finds.

The lost temples of Siem Reap found by a French biologist were proof that civilization may have started in Cambodia which had an influence in India and Nepal.

Join us in another spiritual journey.
Day starts with sunrise at Ankor Wat, the largest temple in the Cambodia
It ends with a temple on top of a hill overlooking Siem Reap
Even the monks are tourists in their own temples

Downtown where time stood still

Leaning on artifacts

-Chito posting from 0 meters ASL (above sea level) in Boracay, Aklan Philippines


  1. Hey thank you for the update in the Mabuhay Mag. I have seen it as well though I still have yet to get a copy.

    My friend in India has been bugging us to go to Nepal. Hopefully we could before her contract there expires. Seems an adventure. Amazing Cambodia sidetrip

  2. My friend Cris writes about her side trip to Cambodia.