Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dinner with GMA

Flag and group shot photos by Larry H.

GMA congratulates the Kaya ng Pinay Expedition Team in a dinner at the Palace 1 June. Philippine Coast Guard gives tribute to the 3 Pinay Summiteers in a special military parade and program at the Port Area.

The Expedition Group was deeply honored by the dinner hosted by the President to congratulate the successful Pinay summiteers who set world records at the world's highest point. In between her travels, the President found time to host a dinner for about a hour listening to our stories. Well versed on climbing, the President likewise recalled the 1st time she paid tribute to the Philippines 1st summiteers Leo, Pastor and Romy last year. She listened as Noelle, Carina and Janet narrated the details of their final steps to the top of the world. She remembered that Leo and Pastor climbed from Nepal and the 3 female climbers traversed from Tibet to Nepal. There was a free flowing discussion on AMS, altitude and the mountains we climb in the Philippines (noteworthy were Pulag, Apo and Pinatubo).

The President floored Art when candidly she asked him, "What's your next program Art?" Art was tight-lipped. The group presented to the President a pair of crampon used by the 1st woman to ever traverse Mt. Everest which will be put on display at the Malacanang Museum. Last year, Leo, Pastor and Romy offered the ice ax.

As the President shown interest on every mountaineering topic we opened, we momentarily forgot the feat of climbing to the top of the world. It was as if, we reached another natural high that late Friday night.

(Palace photos courtesy of Fred Jamili to follow)

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