Monday, August 10, 2009

Partnership in a momentum

Partnership in a momentum

The 2 young partners engaged in baking specialty cakes are by profession a chef and an unlikely complement, a medical technologist. Chef Hasset Go and Jayson Carlos put up their business 2 years ago with a capital that can fund a small school organization project. Today, their asset is still modest but the value of delight and satisfaction they earned is unquantifiable.

Chef’s place is in the kitchen where he creates and perfects his cake day-in, day-out, night and day, the most popular of which are Chocolate Concorde, Cream Brulee and other dark choco based confectionaries. Jayson is exposed to the market place providing staff and administrative support to the Chef.

Friends who have tested Med-Chef’s cakes swear by them-appealing, elaborate, a cut above the rest, soo good you will be willing to pay its’ price. The sleepless nights placed by Chef and his 2 kitchen staff behind every piece are evident in the appreciation as one bites a morsel of their creation.

Jayson’s drive to market the cakes to satisfy customers’ cravings with sweet tooth is altogether another interesting story. He is a natural salesman building long-term relationship with current and potential customers. He is service-oriented with a strong conviction, particularly for products he truly believes in. Since a child, he has demonstrated an instinctive ability to serve and satisfy any person’s need of relatives, neighbors and strange persons with an idea, a service or a homemade product. This inborn talent plus industriousness and persistence paid for his education until he earned his license. As you listen to his story, you’ll detect he has a clear roadmap, a vision of what he wants and does not want. He dreams of growing the business to acquire resources to succeed. The use to provide for his future family is real and crystal clear.

While Chef Hasset and Jayson have not formally defined Med-Chef’s vision-mission, they demonstrate their vision when Chef bakes the cake finding its way to customers prospected by Jayson. When a cake lover bites a slice, they say, "Chito, where did you get this?" To me that is the ultimate compliment.

They are bound to make it big as they are driven by passion and Christian and human values which are enduring. To the momentum.

Inspired by their drive, this article was written as a tribute on the occasion of Chef Hasset’s birthday and their transfer from a one door apartment to a complex with a bigger kitchen and a driveway. Check med chef multiply site. 10 August 2009

Momentum influenced by Francis Kong's Business Column aired over DZFE where he narrated:
  • The philosophy behind momentum is to first understand that you build momentum by accumulating small successes.
    Doug Firebaugh says: “The secret to Momentum in life can be found in the word Momentum... you create it Moment by Moment...”
    The bigger the project, the bigger is the payoff as long as momentum is there.

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  1. Another partnership on a roll is Victor Ayes' and Jonnell Tan's Chinese restaurant Happy Valley along Granada st. QC.