Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coffee Chemistry

Coffee using siphon brewer or vacuum brewed coffee in Manila?   Siphon brewer uses the principle of suction created by vapor that pulls the liquid from the upper chamber down to the bottom container through heating and cooling in a special laboratory-looking equipment. At the final brewing stage, the vapor sucks the beans from the upper chamber dry resulting in a stronger coffee.

It takes about 3 minutes or so to make a cup. While the process is not new, only a few are using this for commercial use due to the stringent procedure and time limitation. Advancement in technology has made possible machines that can produce excellent coffee in industrial quantity.

If you go for this old fashion process, Coffee Chemistry, a stall at the Trinoma Landmark Food Court (G/F Supermarket)  is selling a cup for P 39.0. Do not expect ceramic mugs or a relaxing ambience for a conversation as it is located at the Food Court shared with other concessionaires. It will not be served to you. It is self service from ordering to payment to pick-up.

But if a cup of good coffee is all you want when you are in the vicinity of Trinoma, it is worth a try.  A 12 oz cup of Ice Latte was surprisingly tagged at only P 45.0 (intro promo.)

While you are not compelled to take the MRT from Makati to North Avenue for a cup, you may just do so if you develop a craving for this good cup of coffee.

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