Sunday, January 17, 2010

Year of the Metal Tiger

An appropriate reminder for the Year of the Metal Tiger
  • It’s been a very busy year with activities here and there both at the office and at home.
  • It’s true, as the prediction stated; there were several text messages and calls, to include emails press for quick reply. But somehow I pulled through without offending anyone major last 2009.
  • The time devoted to work and task was fulfilling to complete with a trade off. Not much time was devoted to friends and the self. But if office is almost like personal life, then there is balance.
  • There were trade offs to my pastime recreation, climbing. But when you see for the 1st time Lake Sebu and Siargao, it was like business with pleasure. You don’t see much of your friends but meet new ones.
  • Life is fair. For all the work done, you are promoted twice in a year and afforded luxuries like gadgets and tools for mobility.
  • As the trending for 2010 builds up, it looks like it is going to be an action year with opportunities showing up to be tapped. So far, I have been grabbing them and succeeding. Thanks to the inner self and the ultimate being.
I dedicate the positive prospects this 2010 to all those who have touched me in one way or another. I survived the tests of the past years because of them. I offer this quote from a philosopher and teacher Albert Schweitzer which I sent as my New Year greeting. "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

As they say in where I work, 2010 started way before before the fireworks last 31 Dec.  Kita-kita tayo sa Taon ng Mga Tigre.

Yearly Prediction for the Tiger Jan. 26, 2009 - Feb. 13, 2010 Stephanie Dempsey
There won't be much time for fun and games in the Year of the Earth Ox. Instead, you'll be continually forced to prove yourself to friends, employers and relatives. Assuming more responsibility will open the door for bigger and better things in 2010. The secret to your success will be sticking to a schedule, and although you hate being hemmed in like this, you will gain some valuable skills along the way. Being able to deliver excellent work on schedule will cause your reputation to soar, and increase the appreciation of your loved ones.
Practicing humility is also important in 2009, which won't be easy for a prideful animal like you. An unassuming person could turn out to be a respected authority in their field. By playing second banana to this person, you can acquire some valuable skills of your own. Keep warm during the winter months, as you could be vulnerable to colds, flus and other viruses. Vitamins, nourishing food, regular exercise and adequate sleep will boost your immune system. Before you throw your paws up in despair, keep in mind that Ox years bestow tremendous creativity on Tigers. If you're ever going to write that novel, shoot that film or record that album, this is the year to do so!

Yearly Prediction for the Rooster Jan. 26, 2009 - Feb. 13, 2010 Stephanie Dempsey
2009 is poised to shower you with gifts, dear Rooster. You'll come into your own during the Year of the Earth Ox. People appreciate your wisdom, insight and wit this year. What bliss for an exhibitionist like you! There's never been a better time to go abroad; consider planning a trip for October. Getting an advanced diploma or certificate is also favored. There is one downside to this year, however: you run the risk of burnout. Although it may pain you to do so, you need to get into the habit of turning off your cell phone after hours, otherwise you'll never get any rest. Besides, you owe it to your friends and family to be entirely present for them.
As far as your health is concerned, you need to make more time for meditative activities like nature walks, meditation, reading and prayer. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time falling asleep. Make more time for hobbies, too. All work and no play make a cranky Rooster. Don't worry about falling behind -- if there's one year you can do it all, it's this one. Be sure to enter as many contests as possible during the Year of the Earth Ox. Luck is on your side, and could be awarded in the form of cash and prizes!

Photos grabbed from the collection R. Artadi.

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