Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Global English

 I enrolled in Global English, an online learning activity.

The teaching approach follows a logical sequence similar to the traditional process. Participant is pre-enrolled, logs in, and takes an assessment exam where the results are immediately posted. From the results, the participant defines the desired level of proficiency. Courses are then presented for the enrollee to design his own study plan.

Global English improves one’s grammar (subject-verb agreement and correct usage) for better reading, writing and understanding. Once you start doing the exercises which is friendly and easy, I see no reason not to improve. You are introduced to words, read, define, listen and pronounce them and apply them in familiar exercises. Answers are posted right away after the exam for the enrollee to learn the correct usage.

It is convenient and secure too. You can log in using the office's online connection or any other computer online provided you know the website and your log in name and password. Once logged in, you can assess your past records and performances.

I look forward to passing the 10 Business English Courses with about 10 assignments to complete per course.  I thought I am at home with the English language. After my assessment, I realized there are still opportunities to learn. Today I learned the word “envision (verb)” which is to put up with (phrasal verb; inseparable).

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