Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shawn and Resa Nat Geo

They are younger now. Shawn Low and Delazad are travel chroniclers of Nat Geo’s Lonely Planet The Road Less Travelled and A Childhood Memories. Shawn, a 25 year old Singaporean covered a trip in China who from his profile says will “try and do anything at least once.” Delazad on the other hand chronicled his trip from China to Russia and back to Paris in 2 months, 11 countries with his famous photographer father Reza. The world is different as seen from the eyes of these adventurous young travelers.

Shawn presents his travelogue typically like The Lonely Planet’s; background information on sights not popularly travelled and focus on people which represents the uniqueness of the place.

Delazad’s sights and sounds on the other hand take a backseat to the human insights on travelling with his photographer father. The 15 year old son plans for the trips and travel connections while the father challenges the design. It is rich with drama as the son takes this as an opportunity to see what his father has seen at the time when he stays home in Paris while the father rides on the expedition to make his son strong to face the real world.

Shawn leaves the destination feeling good he has done not easy activities for the 1st time. Delazad reaches home happier because he has become more confident, Reza fulfilled because he has known better his son.

Road Less Travelled and Childhood Memories were viewed back-to-back Wednesday evening 13 October in Manila on Sky Cable.

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