Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Victory on a Conflicting Schedule

I was tested on the 1st habit of the 7 Habit to win my personal victory. I needed to improve on being proactive.

There were 2 conflicting work related schedules to happen in one day both of which I wanted to attend.
  1. One is preferred as I got involved designing its pilot and is due for observation at the South of Luzon.
  2. The other is a second preference as it involved a replication of an already executed program but in a start up location North of Luzon.
I committed to handle the 2nd preference 1st but I wanted to defer the activity so I can handle it leisurely on another date while completing the South Luzon activity. Dates were not changed which made me decide on a compromised position: Attend to North Luzon in the AM then travel 140 kms. to South Luzon in the PM for the other activity.

I knew it was a reactive behavior because I felt helplessness against the decisions I made. I was executing the activity half attentively. The consequence to the behavior was the feeling of stress, irritability. Had it been a proactive, I would have received the activity with excitement.

The action step I took was a stretch as it required me to travel 6 hours on a rainy Friday afternoon crossing from North Luzon Expressway to South Expressway which could be physically exhausting.

While completing the day, I had to internally psyche myself with my personal values that I have the drive to succeed, to make things happen with the optimism that I will still get maximum results from the experience.

I survived that Friday and Saturday. What helped was the internalized processing the young cadets of a training group I was exposed to taught me: 1.) Make a proactive choice 2.) Acknowledge the feelings of the choice 3.) Project the behavior 4.) Identify personal values to drive the step 5.) Project the consequences. 5.) Accept.

I learned too from them that 1.) to win your personal victory, practice the 1st habit of pro-activeness initially. 2.) to win-win, have the balance of courage and consideration.
There will be more tests like these in the future. I am more determined to handle them better.
Leading to a cross road

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