Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dry Ice

I discovered a way of bringing your favorite fruit ice cream for pasalubong when you travel by air abroad. Not from the stalls purchased at the pre-departure area in Manila but packed by yourself.

Buy a styrofoam built cooler from your supermarket ( P220.0), select 2 gallons of premium ice cream (Ave. P330.0). Load it with 3 kgs. of dry ice sourced from a specialty shop (P 150.0 per kg.) Total weight though is about 7 kgs. (Still testing if the current ratio can support the 8 hour transport time.)

Best source of ice cream and styropore is any hypermart operating at extended hours (Shopwise). Source of dry ice is My Way Dry Ice picked up in a Pasay apartment (Tel 551-0377 24 hour operations). Total estimated cost P 1,400.  Pleasure? Immeasurable.

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