Thursday, May 19, 2011

Places for the 1st Time

There are places I remember. Places I see for the first time I remember even more. Historical and memorable ones leave an impression influenced by what I see and how I interact with the people I meet.

Feel of Pescia and Luca at the Tuscany Valley is remote and provincial. People are warm. It is here where we meet Irishmen, an Irish mother, Italians, courteous young Italian driver, Filipino-Americans, Bicolanos and co-Filipinos.
Lourdes is solemn and sacred, Vatican City revered and venerating. Rome is vibrant and historical, Milan modern and fashionable. Paris is proud and busy.

I have been controlling my pre-judging but the visual images registering in my mind were so imposing I could not resist but write short narratives about these great cities and places, begging to be revisited and to be seen again. View if the pictures register.

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