Sunday, April 20, 2014

Empty Tomb and Resurrection applied to us today

Easter affirms to us that the promise of redemption is fulfilled. Empty tomb signifies our faith, believing even without a proof. As man empty tomb is our struggle we face day-to-day. The resurrection is our rising with Christ. Inhuman as we are, we continue with our lives made possible because of the fulfillment of the promise of redemption. Fr. J. Gascon shared three anecdotes on how people we know are exemplifying the empty tombs and resurrection in their lives.

  • An ex-seminarian now working recently lost his parents to Yolanda. His parents recently migrated to Tacloban to retire until the tidal wave. Having not found their bodies, they were assumed to be dead. The son now continues to work moving on with his life.
  • A retired couple enjoying a quality life suddenly had a change of fate. The wife was diagnosed with cancer and did not go through chemotherapy. Yet she accepted her condition and continued to do good deeds even to gas station boys, parking attendants and to those she does not know.
  • A psychology graduate lives with a schizophrenic sister feeling helpless her degree did not help. She accepted that her mere presence with her is more than enough.
The fulfillment of the promise redeems us from further suffering as we experience our own resurrection shared with Christ because of the events on Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter!
 -Paraphrased from the homily of Fr. J. Gascon at the Easter Vigil mass at the convent of the Cenacle Sisters

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