Friday, April 04, 2014

Unbelievable Efficiency from Government Agencies

Unbelievable that I completed 3 transactions with 3 government agencies in 3 hours in 3 different locations. That was on a hot Friday post lunch where transaction traffic was relatively low.

I had my vehicle’s registration renewed at an LTO agency with emission test in less than 15 minutes.  (Official Receipt though was for pick up later in the afternoon and plate sticker issued in an open dated month.)
BIR RDO 39 Workstation along Quezon Ave
Income Tax Return was filed at the BIR RD 39 at Quezon Avenue corner Scout Santiago in less than 25 minutes. This included transfer of entries in the bar coded forms handwritten twice and computation of revenues. While the system was down, the young volunteers who were helpful in providing advanced info, validation of entries, forms and pens with the senior staff at their computer assisted posts provided a semblance of organization. (BIR Withheld Form was prepared beforehand which was the basis for the handwritten entry and number of filers was relatively manageable still 11 days before the deadline.)

Driver’s license was renewed in less than 25 minutes at the LTO QC Licensing Department and new laminated card with updated photo released. This covered the pre-medical check conducted at the central office’s perimeters.  Barkers at the entrance provided helpful initial info on requirements and layout of the compound. LTO’s help desk situated before the processing center was manned by trained frontliner who briefed applicants on the pre requirements and the process. (No changes in the data and the restriction code, info system operational and timing were key to fast processing.)
Before I can read all the instructions visibly placed at the lobby, 
I have been paged for the next steps. 
At the LTO QC Licensing Department East Ave
As there was more time, I decided to walk back from East Avenue to Araneta Center to pick up my vehicle. That too was efficient as traffic was already building up at EDSA past 4 PM.

Next week, passport renewal at the new Department of Foreign Affairs center at Ali Mall and the  SSS 2nd quarter payment which by past experience was a dreaded activity.

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