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Welcome to Pilapinas (SSS and PAGIBIG HDMF)

January 13, 2013 Pilapinas at SSS
SSS in January 2013. 
Welcome to Pilapinas where government service does not match the influx of the citizenry paying their contributions. At the SSS Marikina office (worst in others) where the need is for more than 2 payment receiving tellers for hundreds of paying members every day.  Poor payors. At lunch time, making do with only 1 teller. Time spent paying at Philhealth 1.5 hours. SSS 2 hours and counting. (at an average of 75 seconds per transaction, teller can only process 480 members).  Paging process improvement experts.

Friends suggested online payment which is not available, payment through BAYAD Centers and accredited banks which is feasible but posting in not posted online (max 3 months waiting) and Saturday morning payment if offices are open which is most acceptable.)

August 23, 2013 PAGIBIG
Home Development Mutual Fund Members after a calamity
On the last of the 2 working days of the week, hundreds either line up to apply for a calamity fund or update their payment at the PAGIBIG Office in Murphy. The system is in place but number of customers and limited time are just way beyond the carrying load capacity straining the system, attendants and holders.  PAGIBIG is one of the most stable financial institutions in the country.

Commenting while waiting for my turn.
Even way past the official time, the service staff continued to serve those queued for transactions. They truly are serviced oriented. Volume is just beyond what the norm can handle. Three groups of members get preferential treatment: the senior citizens, pregnant and the physically challenged. Anytime, they can cut in the line and as part of the norm, the rest understand and accept. There are times when there are no transactions in some counters, they would call in those in the other.

October 8, 2013. I returned to the PAGIBIG HDMF office at Murphy to validate the consolidation of my payments from various employers. Counted no 28 at the line at Counter 4 under "Life", I was observing how all the frontliners were dealing with the members. I appreciate that the leads facing the members are data driven and very proficient with their processes. They provide clear directions on who to see and what to expect at the next step. That was sufficient consolation for me even if my objectives for the visit took more than 2 hours to complete. There simply are too many members needing PAGIBIG support.

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