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Mountain Range in Anilao Mabini (Mt. Panay. Gulugod Baboy)

Mt. Panay (Gulugod Baboy)

Mountain Range in Anilao Mabini
View from the top first climbed with Ching I-Wang
Gulugod Baboy in Anilao, Mabini is like a mini-mountain range sitting in the coastline of the popular resorts in this place. The range is to a certain extent like the Batangas mountains of Maculot and Talamitan, connecting ridges, forested in some portions and flat and grazing grass at the top.(It may also be referred to as Mt. Panay.)

It is a 2-3 hour easy trek to the peak of 495 M ASL from the bridge that connnects Barangay San Jose to the next Barangay Ligaya.

Summit gives you a 360 degree view of the province of Batangas:

At the West side, Nasugbu, Balayan, Balayan Bay, Calaca Plant, Lemery, Ligpo Point, Mt. Batulao.  You can see up North Maculot, Taal Lake, Mt. Malipunyo and partially Mt. Makiling. Somewhere at the South/ East are Gumaca Plant, Quezon National Park mountain range, Mt. Banoy and Mt. Lobo. Immediately in front is Maricaban Island. Far South is Mt. Talipanan of Puerto Galera and the imposing Mt. Halcon.

Campsite can accommodate hundreds of tents. The open space is very windy ideal for tunnel type and stable tents and wind jackets. At this time of the year, temperature in the afternoon is cold at 24 degrees C without the wind factor.

End your trek with a swim at the Balayan Bay, famous for windsurfing, snorkeling and diving.

A mountaineer friendly resort is Seahouse in Barangay San Jose, in front of house no. 078 (Pager 1277-88478). Rhoda and BJ can orient you on various other mountain ranges within the vicinity and guide you of course on their expertise: sea kayak, boardsail, diving, snorkeling. Owners are in their twenties managing their professions in Manila and maintaining a resort on the side. Here you can get assess to the national board sailing champions like Richard Paz and other members of the national team who are residents of the town.

Wilderness Ethics:
1. Prepare well. 2. Respect local practices. 3. Be conscious of your impact on the wilderness. 4. Camp well. 5. Carry down all garbage. 6. Practice healthy sanitation. 7. No chemicals on the river for washing yourself and dishes. 8. No fires. 9. No smoking. 10. Respect space of others. 11. Be involved.
Take nothing but pictures.  Kill nothing but time.  Leave nothing but footprints.

Itinerary Proper:
13 December Sunday Morning
13 December Sunday Afternoon
3:30 am-assemble at BLTB Pasay.
5:00 am-leave for Anilao
6:30 am-arrive at Tagaytay
7:30 am-arrive at Anilao, Mabini public market
8:15 am-arrive at Seahouse, Barangay San Jose
9:00 am-start trek towards Gulugod Baboy
9:30 am-reach Bridge to mark jump-off point
11:15 am-reach top of the mountain range
11:45 am-reach potential campsite at 475 M ASL
12:15 am-reach True Peak at 495 M ASL
12:30 am-lunch at hut
1:00 pm-start descend
1:45 pm-reach Bridge
2:00 pm-reach next Barangay for Lomi
3:00 pm hitch back to Seahouse
3:15 pm-reach Seahouse
up to 8:00 pm-swim, kayak, eat, sleep, kwento, shower
8:00 pm-leave for Tagaytay
10:00pm-reach Chowking Tagaytay
11:30 pm-reach Skyway, EDSA

__3 Liters Water
__Packed lunch
__Sleeping Bag
__Garbage Bags
__Transpo Money
__Camera/ Film
__Batteries/ Bulb
__Extra Shirts/ Pants
__Eating Utensils
__Lantern/ Refill
__Rain gear
__First Aid
__Basic Toiletries
__Toilet Paper
__Cookset/ Stove
__Personal Medicine
__Matches/ Lighter

Tent Assignments:

Other Assignments:


To go to Barangay San Jose, Anilao Mabini:

  • Take SLEX via Lipa and turn right to Mabini before reaching Batangas City. You may also reach Mabini via Cuenca, base of Mt. Maculot.
  • Take SLEX via Sta. Rosa, Tagaytay.  Turn right to Lemery, Taal, Mabini.
  • On public, take a bus to Batangas, take a jeep going to Mabini.  Get off at Barangay San Jose.

Waypoint              Coordinates                          Elevation (m)       Time       Notes




LMK 003



LMK 004

Barangay Ligaya


Lig 2



Start of Trek at Barangay Ligaya: 27º18.92N/ 151º77.73E
Shoulder/ Campsite: 27º27.15N/ 151º80.98E.  Altitude: 495 M ASL
Peak: 27º27.11N/ 151º80.82E.  Altitude:  499 M ASL

13 December 1998

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