Friday, June 20, 2014

NBI Clearance Robinson's East

It takes at least 1 minute to pay at the NBI Clearance Center at Robinson's East and 2 minutes to have photo and biometrics taken. If there are 300 online applicants and 200 walk ins per day, allocate at least 2.25 hours to get your NBI clearance. This includes lining up to pay P 115.00 for the certificate. I got #294 at 2:30, sat at the bench at the parking lot outside for about 15 minutes, escorted inside at snake line for the payment at the cashier up to 2:50 then fell in line for the long wait for the photograph and biometrics. With 7 rows of 6 a the front and about 20 rows of 6 at the back with a line of applicants still standing, I estimated 180 people ahead of me. At 4:45, the frontliner was to tell me to either wait for my clearance or I was a "hit."

Process is designed on continuous flow paced by Monobloc chairs played like Trip to Jerusalem, the same game played at DFA for passport, NSO Census, Pagibig, LTO, Philhealth. However when you get a hit after getting photographed and fingers scanned, you will be asked to return next week to secure the certificate.

Duplicated 1st and last name is enough reason for a hit. Certainly when you have a criminal record based on the data base, you will not be cleared.

How does one redeem the time? SMS, short conversations with applicants in front at the back to your left to your right, follow up other tasks via mobile PLDT and unli loaded cell line, post in Twitter and Facebook like this one.

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  1. Without any fuss, my clearance was printed and released on the 1st minute of their opening hour at Robinson's East (10 AM) exactly as week after my application. It states that as of the writing, I have no known criminal record.