Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smart Link Support

Smart in their print ad placed in all the major Philippine papers this 2 June Saturday used this photo with the copy "Yes, we can. Smart Link joins the record-setting Filipina Mt. Everest climbers in proving to the world that indeed, Kaya ng Pinay." Photo of the 3 Pinay climbers was requested from us on 30 May, Wednesday while we were on the way to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok to board our Philippine Airlines flight back to Manila. We selected 3 photos from the hard disk of Mr. Banny Hermanos.

Unfortunately due to the large size of the files, we could not transmit the material via email. As we were on the way home, our Thai Bahts were in short supply. Cost per 20 minutes of internet at the airport was 200 (or about 150 pesos, compared to 10 Bahts per hour at downtown.) Down to the last few seconds of our 20 minutes, our google mail failed to transmit. Then Cesar suggested I post the file in my blog for our contact in Manila to pick up. However we run out of Bahts. Fortunately, Dave, a fellow Pinoy who was browsing next seat finished reading his emails had 6 minutes still of unused load. He kindly offered to us strangers his remaining balance.

Smart got only 1 of the 3 files but met its deadline. Thanks to Banny for the photo whose name did not appear in the credit, to Dom who relayed the text message to our contact on how to pick up the large JPEG file and to Dave who before landing in Manila told me he will check out the foto.

Cesar, the Smart personnel holding the flag had his 24 hours on fame this Saturday for prominently posing with the Carina, Noelle, Janet and their sherpa guides Lakhpa Geljen Sherpa, Pasang Nuru Sherpa and Bemba Choti Sherpa. Smart satellite properly beemed to the radar in a clear sky kept us in touch with our friends in Manila while we were at the most popular base camp in the world, Everest. Hearing our voices, they were comforted that we were safe.

Lama Orvin enjoying a private conversation at the base camp station
Janet placing a call immediately upon setting foot at the base camp

Carina in an intimate moment
Our major supporter, Philippine Airlines. Thanks to John Fortes and Fabie Espino

Enroute to Manila via PR 731

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