Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pinoy mountaineering club on the world's trekking capital

PALMC Support Group at Tengboche
Today, 10th May Thursday, lunchtime Nepal time is our 3rd day of trekking in Nepal, the world’s trekking capital. 7 Filipinos and 1 Manila based Portuguese under a tropical mountaineering club PALMC are threading on new grounds never been explored by a Philippine based club. Start of the journey was Katmandu, capital of Nepal where we were flown to Lukla on a chartered plane. Lukla, at 2,840 meters ASL was officially the start of trek that would lead the group to the Everest Base Camp at 5,364 MASL in a span of 9 days and then descend back to Lukha in 9 days.
EBC at 5,360 M ASL

Mid-day on the 3rd day, we started at Namche Bazar for an acclimatization to an elevation of 3,780 MASL at Khumjung in 3 hours.

The 8 members of the group with age range from 32 to 50, composed mainly of young businessmen and office managers led by PALMC ex-president Banny Hermanos are sharing the trails proudly with international club trekkers predominantly Koreans, Japanese and Europeans. Well taken care of by Nepali guides Rodyu and Chandra and the 4 young porters Sherpa, we have been treated to sights and sounds of glacier laced peaks, rushing rivers at high altitude and low temperature of about 11 degrees C. Group is ably guided by a seasoned international traveler Gonci de Almeida, a Portuguese who has adopted manila as his main home. Rico Cabusao sees to our medical and kitchen needs and lawyer Orvin Diaz entertains us.
Pinays descending at Khumbu Ice Fall from Everest Summit Tibet Side
welcomed byMr. Art Valdez 18 May 2007. Two records were set:
1st Pinay at the Everest Peak and 1st Woman in the world
to traverse Everest. Kaya ng Pinay! (Photo by Mr. Banny Hermanos)

The group’s main mission is to document the trail that leads to the Everest Base Camp as a future reference to the typical Pinoy mountaineer. Captures in sights and sounds by ace photographers Banny Hermanos, Dom Goduco  the current footage collected so far is inspiringly awesome.

Philippine Flag Proudly Flying at High Altitude
Post Press Conference Socials at Katmandu after the successful bid 24 May
As the group prepares to meet up with the other PALMC Auxiliary Group lead by Chairman John Fortes at the base camp to welcome the 3 Pinays handled by Art Valdez who will attempt to reach the summit from the Tibet side, the group is all hyped up with the preview of the Himalayas. 

The interest created by the successful climbs to the peak of Leo Oracion, Pastor Emata and Romy Garduce in 2006 inspired us to retrace their base camp routes so that the base camp, which once was a dreaded target for most Pinoy mountaineers can be made within friendly and affordable reach through our experience.

World Class Photographer Banny Hermanos with his supporters
Our obligation to our followers is to share our story. Because a story kept like a stored memory is like having no story at all. As time, inspiration and communications linkages allow, we will post more stories.

Philippine Camp at Everest Base Camp

Chito Razon posting from Khumjung, 3,780 meters ASL (Sorry, under time pressure)
Photos posted at Katmandu 25 May 2007

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