Thursday, May 31, 2007

Two Iconic Brands

Weight supported by spine, braced by the back

Carried by Sherpas
Given prominent display
Enjoyed by all nationalities

Proudly announcing product line up


Kept under lock and key

Available. Prime shelf

Home made signage

SMB at the base camp. Photo by Larry Honoridez

Two icons in the Philippines are at the highest points in the world.

San Miguel Beer and Coke, brands familiar to all Filipino beverage drinkers are in every inns on the way up to the Everest Base Camp. These drinks are painstakingly transported by the porters from Katmandu at 1,355 meters ASL to various inns along the way up to the highest inn at the route in Gorak Shep at 5,180 meters. Price too per bottle increases correspondingly with the elevation from as low at 30 rupees to 250 rupees for beer and softdrinks.

Why bring these products all the way up to perhaps the highest outlet in the world? Because they satisfy the thirst of international trekkers. Including us, Pinoys.

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