Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hike to Khumjung

Hike to Khumjung, site of the highest elevated hotel in the world

The 2 hour trek to Mt. Everest Hotel from Namche Bazar where one can view the Mt. Everest peak in this western part of the Sagarmatha Park reminded me of various mountain trails in the Philippines.

At an altitude of 3,440 M ASL, landscape is the grassland of Mt. Pulag with no trees, only grass and short shrubs.

After hiking for a few steps, the sight shifts from grass to a backdrop of jagged teeth like the saw of Mt. Guiting Guiting.

The trail leading to hotel is laid with volcanic rocks in various shapes and sizes it is like reaching the peak of Mt. Apo.

Except for the rich, unique Nepali culture which is evident in every village we pass, it was as if we have not left the Cordilleras in this first one third part of the Everest Base Camp expedition.

As the Himalayas looms larger and closer at 4,000 M ASL with its glacier laced peaks, we see lesser similarities with the Philippine mountains.

The Himalayas now stands distinct and grand, deserving of the claim the world's trekking capital. Everest is majestic but gentle enough to have received us, innocent trekkers from the tropical Philippines.

-Posted in Bangkok

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