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GG Icon of Mountaineering

Geocities/TheTropics/Shores/4033 is gone.  This is the material I have for now on Guiting-Guiting. Anyone who copied the articles?

Guiting-Guiting, Icon of Mountaineering

Apr 12 1998, 3:00 pm

We are back after 6 days from Sibuyan Island, an island of the Romblon province and 12-16 hours by a slow Viva boat from Batangas City. Island is isolated and has maintained its undeveloped state mainly due to the difficulty of transport and the economic condition. Showcase of the island is Mt. Guiting-Guiting (2,058 meters above sea level ASL, 17 degrees Celsius, strong winds, and cloudy skies.) It is considered a tough climb.
For a regular climber, G2 can be considered a culmination climb reminding you of Banahaw de Tayabas at first as you approach the foot of the mountain; Banahaw de Dolores and Makiling during the ascend, Apo, Hibok-hibok, Batulao, Durungawan at Mayo's Peak and distinctly Guiting-Guiting at the gorge. To reach the summit, one climbs a 9-hour trek on the first day from 0 ASL and a 6-hour assault to the True Peak passing through gorges most of the way. It requires some rock climbing to cross boulders.

G2 is a mountain of courage and bravery, power and humility. It demands courage, guts, determination, visualization and a strong faith. Once completed, the climb teaches one to be humble and to be powerful. It blesses one with a thought that in our day to day reality, the power of Mt. Guiting-Guiting is right behind us to push the limits of our humanity making our dreams and undertakings happen for us. Thus the power is not to be abused and to taken with utmost meekness. For to abuse it means losing the power temporarily given us.

Our group has been so blessed that our True Source allowed us to experience this moment made available only to a few.

With this Easter climb, we climbers are to dedicate all our undertakings to greater causes. Or else the grandeur that is of Guiting-Guiting may just be put to waste.
Happy Easter!

With us were EL Vincent Balagot, Dom Gaduco, Ding Cailipan, and Mayan Gutierrez, Malou Cabrera, Carlo Magno, Mike Pulido, Darius Jorjen, Mitch Soria, Mannix Moya, Ching-I-Wang, CBR and guides Bobet Tansiongco and Parson.

In the other group, which reached the Mayo's Campsite Thursday, were EL Christine Medina, Resil, Orly Amolar, Jonathan Almedilia, Lloyd Alcaraz, Marlon Paguila and Gilbert Lim guided by Bulod, Parson's father.
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