Sunday, November 22, 2009

Customer Ecstasy

I  learned from an ISO workshop (International Organization for Standards, a quality management system) that the ultimate measure of success is customer satisfaction. Customers, in the end are either satisfied or dissatisfied.

Satisfaction is a never ending quest. Initially, its final test is winning customer loyalty. It then progresses to customer obsession. Now it is customer ecstasy.

Just like climbing. Why I talk favorably about the recreation is due to the loyalty it earned from my participation. When we leave everything including work days and urban friends for a climb is a manifestation of obsession. When nothing else comes in between daily chores and the outdoors maybe due to the ecstasy derived from the activity that we cannot live without. The natural high starts to build up from the packing days or hours before the assembly escalating during the bus ride. It peaks upon reaching the summit and tapers down at the socials.

Have you ever asked why we keep on coming back to Pulag or our favorite trekking destination?

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