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Site Under Development
Posted by Adminat September 11, 2009

This space will serve as the holding domain of the Philippine Airlines Mountaineering Club (PALMC) website and blogs of members around the world.

Heartfelt thanks to Mitch Soria and Chito Razon for their online work in documenting PALMC activities and events at

There are lots of To-Do’s for this site including:
- compile all posts, articles and information from PALMC Geocities site.
- concurrent with building up the site structure, contact PALMC elders for copies of trail notes, preferably in PDF format to be uploaded to site for posterity.
- upload different themes for free blogs/sites for PALMC Members only
- set up social networking capabilities of main site and subsites within the website and including external site connections to club and individual Facebook and Twitter accounts, among others
- set up site-wide guides or instructions on getting account with
- get PALMC board approval

— Merci, 09-11-09


UPDATE: 10-24-09
1. Guestbook in Tripod has been copied for file – from the first message by Mitch Soria in 05-05-1997 to latest post dated 09-22-2009 by jing cano.
2. Finished copying all posts/articles and available photos archived in PALMC Geocities website

Note: Some articles’ posted dates need to be confirmed with respective authors. Dates of some articles were extrapolated when such information in the article were non-existent.

UPDATE: 10-25-09
Mashable Announces Geocities to Close 10-26-09 –
UPDATE: 10-27-09
As of 5:10 AM. Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles), the PALMC Geocities site is still available and accessible.

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