Monday, July 26, 2010

The City CDO has not changed

In 1960, we stayed in a house built of wood at Chavez st. in Cagayan de Oro clustered near the City Hall, Lourdes Hospital and within walking distance to important establishments and institutions. School, the Xavier University was several blocks away. So were the park and the city plaza.

In the mid 90’s, enroute to our Mindanao mountaineering sojourn, we stayed in an old downtown hotel along Capistrano st. also made of light building materials.

In the 21st century, these structures are still around, preserved notwithstanding the pressure of progress happening at the turn of the decades. They stand side by side with the concrete buildings of newly emerging global fast food icons.

Coming back to the city decades after seeing these structures again evokes nostalgia and introspection. With limited recollection on these places and friends and experiences, it has forced me to think back and visualize how my early days were. The revisit validated that indeed; we have been mobile family early on, laying the foundation to the itchy feet popularized by the Discovery Channel of “exploring your world.

Written in flight (PR 084) while hovering around Luzon waiting for clearance to land caused by the rains and poor visibility in Metro Manila 25 July 2010

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