Monday, August 02, 2010

Combing Work with Play

Pancit Canton and Lumpia
While doing field work assessing execution in the market place, I was led to a tiangge in Makati similar to that of a Sunday bazaar.
Not only were a variety of noodle based native food offered, they were affordably priced. Unlike the weekend tiangge’s, the Makati City Hall is open on working days.

Pancit Malabon and Dimsum
Palabok @ P30.0
Business with pleasure? Not exactly as I was on a tight schedule, there was hardly any time to sit down.

Wikipedia lists the following variants of Pansit.
Pancit Alanganin, Pancit Batchoy, Pancit Bato is indigenuous to the Bicol Region; especially the town of Bato in Camarines Sur, Pancit Bihon Guisado, Pancit Bihongundoy, Pancit Cabagan, Pancit Canton, Pancit Estacion (Tanza, Cavite), Pancit Habhab (Lucban, Quezon), Pancit Kilawin is also a variety of pancit found only in Tanza, Cavite. Just an ordinary pancit bihon eaten together with a kilawing papaya (shredded raw papaya fruit cooked with vinegar and fish, Pancit Lomi, Pancit Luglug, Pancit Malabon, Pancit Mami (round egg noodles), Pancit Miki (round egg noodles), Pancit Míki-Bíhon Guisado (round egg noodles + bihon), Pancit Molo (a bit of a misnomer, it is Filipino wanton soup without noodles contrary to what the name might suggest), Pancit Moròng, Pancit Palabok, Pancit Pula (variation of Pancit Miki from Batangas City), Pancit Sotanghon, Pansit Sabaw (Pansit Miki with soup), Pansit Tuguegarao or Batil Patong, Pansit Sinanta (also from Tuguegarao, consists of flat egg noodles, bihon, clams and chicken, with broth colored with annatto)

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