Thursday, November 04, 2010

Act of Kindness

I assisted a blind grandma in selecting a bar of Safeguard at a price, size and offer acceptable to her.

As I was wandering at the toiletry aisle of Hi Top Supermarket in Aurora Boulevard, I spotted an old short pleasant woman reaching out for a bar of soap with difficulty. Initially I thought it was the height of the shelf. 

As I went closer, it turned out she could not
Striking a conversation, lola knew what she wanted but could not check the price, promo pack and the 3 varying pack sizes.

Instinctively, I gathered the packs for her to touch and read aloud the prices. After a a 10-minute selection process, she finally decided to get 3 medium sized white for over a hundred.

She was happy with her choice, I even happier for the chance to do an act of kindness, fulfilled that I made a contribution.

Via mobile phone

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