Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mailing in November

This November I mailed several books to different destinations.
  1. First package dispatched contained 2 books weighing over 600 grams to Singapore via DHL costing P 1,230 last 15 November before noon. It was acknowledged by the recipient after noon the following day. Transaction was tracked in detail online. Impressive!
  2. On the same day I also mailed the same number of books to New York via Phil Postal Corporation or PhilPost. I paid P 1,630 via snail pace. It was received 29 November about 2 weeks after sending. Recipient confirmed receipt via email. Rate was at a premium rated according to the longer delivery time. Lags behind in rating!
  3. Last 24 November, I mailed a 700 gram parcel bearing 4 books to the East Coast via EMS of the PhilPost which was costed out at P 2,100. I am still tracking its whereabouts via its tracking site. Good Value ! compared to the Phil Postal regular mail, if eventually received on the 8th day as projected.
  4. Other mailing services are LBC with comparable DHL rates (P2,060 for parcels within 50 grams) and with more accessible receiving counters in Metro Manila. Also has a website which tracks and confirms receipt online. A poor man's version of LBC is JR Express at a comparatively lower cost at P 1,900 for the 1st 500 grams. Fewer outlets though in the city but a reliable provider internationally especially locally.

The Philippine Postal Office has served me well decades ago. Now with fewer and older frontliners, it still is there delivering  reliable service. While the more modern commercial distribution centers and mailing outlets  are providing competitive rates and superior service, the post office is still a force to reckon with. It is an institution you've associated with pleasant memories, letters, postcards and stamps. Call it emotional involvement. Thrill-wise, it promises suspense not knowing when the mail will arrive.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, even if slightly delayed.

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