Monday, November 08, 2010

NG's Great Migration

National Geographic's Great Migrations which premiered on Philippine cable 46 (Sky Cable) last 7 November at 9PM dramatically narrated the story of animal mass movement.

Tagging the global activity with the slogan "Move as Millions. Survive as One." the scene on predators preying on the moving animals was provocative and eventually disturbing.

The premiere episode aptly ended with the sign off line "Move . . . move . . . move . . . and survive." visually recapping how a young wildebeest failed to cross the river as she was eaten by a hungry crocodile. Mother was looking helplessness while her baby was crying until her last voice was drowned out by the fierce reptile.

Track the movement of million of red crabs as they face the struggle of surviving against a million of ants, zebra against leopards and th stunning flight of butterflies.

Watch this documentary. In the forthcoming series, different sets of animals will be featured. Only stones will not be moved by the Great Migrations.

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