Monday, August 04, 2014

Dagitab. Idea seeded to further think about

Dagitab capitalizes heavily on the campus icon, logos, artifacts to give them permission to explore liberal possibilities even the extreme ones. Like "Ano ang hinahanap natin? Bakit di tayo masaya?"

Meaningful conversations between two parties may sound phony but could be sincere like talks in a static car, essay readings, Zara's bonding sessions, the beach, workshop, in the bedroom, at the barbecue stand, Los Banos and Avenue walks, barn reveals, breakfast and several others that after watching the movie.

One longs for a discussion group to thread all the various sparks together and to surface one again to the key message: explore life's liberal possibilities. (Even the actors' sensitive capture of the nuances of their roles is in itself an interesting topic for exploration, ranked in no particular order by Eula Valdez, Nonie Buencamino, Martin Del Rosario, Sandino Martin, Ronnie Lazaro and the ensemble at the professors' drinking sessions [it is said you get eureka moments in a beer garden] ).

Output of the Discussion. Post Script Thoughts:
  • The two key characters are in need of sparks to level them all: the husband from the search of a lost love, the wife from an interaction. When found, it spiked his sexual urge and zest for life starting with preparing breakfast for his wife. For the wife, the affair without a guilt leveled her up. The young writer wrote inspired.
  • Reset if you lose, at a loss and get muddled. Find it back, you get refreshed.
  • Only when one faces a similar encounter of the many moments staged can one internalize what Dagitab is really all about. The idea was seeded to further think about.
  • Eventually, there may never be a resolution because man's search for meaning has no concrete answer.
  • Thus "tuloy pa rin ako."

Cinemalaya 2014
Discussed with Yman M. 6 August 2017

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