Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Process Based Ordering at a Fruitshake Stall

Blend of lychee, mango and melon
At Fruitastics, a fruit shake stall inside a fruit store at UP Diliman shopping center, it has a working operating system for ordering, paying and claiming.

As you enter the store, stall is at the entrance.

  1. Choose number of fruits and size and get a stub with price and code.
  2. Pay at a separate counter and get a stamped stub.
  3. When you return, present your stub and claim. If traffic is heavy, you wait a little.

At P 65 for a 22 ounce cup of a real fruit-based shake, who would not be trooping to Fruitastics. When there are many patrons, the simple system regulates the flow.
Center is at 63 which I reach by walking from Palma Hall at 24

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