Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stage on Screen

Indies have now borrowed the theater’s format for their medium. Indayog ng Nayatamak, the opening film of Shorts B directed by Joris Fernandez translates a dance of a relationship in a struggle in a digital format capturing in detail the human expression and movement visually and musically. Conflict is interpreted by young dancers Kelvin Joseph Barroso and  Chinky May Juntura.

Hari ng Tondo by Carlos Syguion-Reyna is a zarzuela on screen of two opposing factions. Lead stars are backed up with an ensemble acting and singing with distinct roles to play in narrating the story of an aging father facing a personal and financial dilemma.

The festival is a feast in diversity not only in themes but format as well. While I miss the intimacy of the theater, the effects made up for it. I enjoyed viewing Indayog and Hari at a price within reach.

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