Saturday, August 09, 2014

What is shared between 1st ko si 3rd and #Y?

Watching two Cinemalaya entries back-to-back representing extreme eras made me think commonality and differences. Y kids think of immediate pleasure and group reciprocity while the oldies have deferred satisfaction and solo contemplation. The Ys have the cono language and the oldies conversational tagalog. The oldies are thrilled by memories and simple situations while the Ys by more complex stimulus; drugs, sex, smartphones, social statements.

Both Ys and the oldies have the need to be appreciated, the oldies as simple as no denial of happiness and the Ys with someone to listen to their angst. The oldies derive support from longtime friends and immediate family and the Ys from nowhere and professional help. Both experience the pain of being human perhaps on the same destructing level but the oldies confronting them with tenacity and the Ys sadly with resignation through sex, drugs and the ultimate escape, suicide.

1st and Y are two movies with diverse approaches on the human spirit. One is on number and the other a letter. Number or letter, both broken wanting for redemption and eventual salvation.

Cinemalaya 2014

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