Saturday, December 04, 2010

Adarna in QC

How else do you spice up a Filipino cuisine? Fusion restaurants put in additional ingredients to radically change the taste. Minimalists reduce to extract the core flavor. Adarna, a Filipino cuisine restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue in QC modifies the process.

What you get is the same food flavor but with an enhanced punch. Adobo has a crackling feel as the meat appeared to have been pressurized longer. The green salad had a tangy taste as a result of an unidentified step. Mixed rice had an aroma that is neither Chinese nor Pinoy which is tasty and filing.

Adarna has been rated favorably in and in the book Manila by Day. The setting is an added complement. Food + Setting = Premium. But it is not. That’s what’s spicy about this QC’s kept restaurant of Giney and Beth.

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