Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simbang Gabi 2010. Say Yes!

I took a closer look at the marquee outside the Ateneo gate last Sunday 19 Dec to check on the Simbang Gabi schedule this year. As I slowed down driving, it read 8:30 PM 16-23 December.

That information made me plan to attend the Monday mass. Through the years, I’ve always attended masses in the sprawling campus to remind me of the Christian message of Christmas. I usually take particular attention not just to the choir but to the homily said by  the celebrating Jesuit priests.

However, due to a social activity, I failed to catch the mass. Nevertheless, I proceeded even just to genuflect and offer my thanks and requests accepting I failed to listen to the homily. Traditionally, I would also stroll at the mini bazaar for food and memorabilia which I did tonight. I spotted a trekking friend and a social network associate. Casually I asked Edsel R.amirez, “What was the message of today’s mass?”

It was an instance of serendipity as the valuable information I failed to catch was rattled to me extemporaneously and summarized articulately at the football field as if I was listening to the homily for the missed 5 days. I tried recalling the messages without losing its interpretation to reach a wider audience through this written site.

What this instance relayed to me was also what Edsel repeated crediting the priest for the message; “salvation is made possible through invitation.” But one must accept and prepare himself. We are reminded through Joseph that "happiness belongs to the humble and the hopeful.” These are the traits that can better prepare us for salvation. “Mary’s state symbolizes acceptance and faith.” Apply to day to day living, "saying Yes to God every day is a Yes to Mary at the Anunciation."  All these stories build up until Christmas day.

These messages came at the right moment as I continue to be tested with easy to challenging situations at work and other moments in this fast paced life needing reminders like the insights of salvation, invitation, humility, hopefulness, acceptance and faith.

Tonight, I was reminded by this simple yet marvelous incidence that Christmas is a joyous moment. Experiences like these is a testimony to why it is one.

Simbanggabi Homily of Fr. A.N. Dacanay, S.J. (December 15, 2010)

Quote from Ed's Wall:

"In his somewhat pleading voice he said, be reminded ... be reminded always of the meaning of Christmas & of the crib.  It is that act of faith in God (as shown to us by Mary and Joseph).  For it is in that act of faith when we allow an opening for Christ to enter in our lives -- the Christ of compassion, of sacrifice, of humility and of love."

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