Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending 2010. Bland lacking in stimulation

How am I ending 2010 memorably? By all indications, it would end bland, lacking in stimulation.

The last Christmas party I attended was for another company function where the invitation came accidentally by chance in a short street chat with the leader hours before the party. It was a typical field office activity done in a warehouse under dim fluorescent light on the 30th. Highlights of the night were meals, karaoke bar and an exchange gift for 30 plus personnel that may have taken 2 hours to complete the rounds.

In between the program, I dropped by the warehouse office where I spotted 2 RTM engineers drafting an email of their report to their manager. They have been recently recruited 2 months ago for a new position that is technical in nature. They went through a rigid recruitment specified by no less than the Chief Executive. They are young, technically competent with an open and fertile mind, polite, articulate and inquisitive.

It started with a simple probing question, “Have you created the model output?” It took a while before they could answer “Yes” or “No” indicating they were processing the question until they said, “Not yet.” That led to more disclosures on the struggles they had to live with which tempted me to introduce spontaneously a mini module on Input-Process-Output and roles each one of us play-me, them, their internal suppliers and ultimate internal customers included. A high performing organization at the minimum requires that each player does their role well, very well.

Eagerly listening, approving and appreciating, they valued the short lecture giving them more resources on how faster they can deliver the model output. By the glow in their eyes, the 15 minute conversation must have unlocked fresh resource on how they will face their tasks the coming years.

The manner  they said “Thank you! Can we have more ? Will you give us an orientation?” has more than compensated the appreciation I received from hours of facilitation I handled this 2010. It was as if in a casual, spontaneous, unplanned moment, "Here comes a face (me)  bearing gift making us novice realize that we have untapped resources that can fill in the gaps and expedite the fulfillment of our task."
What they may have not realized is equally, I got affirmed that evening. I am seen as effective because of knowledge and confidence that is not threatening, sincere but provocative, assertive and sensitive. It was not only an affirmation for the moment but for the work that I have done in the past 12 months.

Noel, Clark and Carmela may have spotted greater hope that they can face their challenges in 2011. What they may have not seen is because of this conversation, I advanced the seed of my task for 2011 my personal mission which is "to inspire, enable and make the other party I converse with see the abundant possibilities."

This incidence summarized to me how my 2010 was. It gave me a foundation on how I should look at 2011 created just in a party that I was invited in and in a session that just transpired by chance.

Here's to a better year for all of us!

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