Tuesday, August 24, 2010

St. Lukes and Burger Kin

Burger King in E. Rodriquez beside St. Luke’s Medical Center wowed me. Not with their product but with a service I did not expect from a fast food chain.

While waiting for my cardiologist at the Medical Center to check on a potential hyper tensive condition, I figured there would be time for a cup of coffee.

I’ve always liked Burger King’s Joe coffee which is modestly priced at P 65.0. It is served in an advanced disposable packaging with 2 cup lets of fresh milk. The purchase entitled me to a password to a wifi assess for my email and the morning papers.

Several minutes later, a service crew approached me to inquire if I wish to have my black shoes shined. Since I bought this branded pair months before, I have long wanted to have it brushed but did not have the time to do so. I readily agreed of course.

After the experience, I gave the outlet in my mind an excellent customer satisfaction rating. It was time leisurely spent while waiting.

I returned back to the clinic with the doctor waiting for me. He diagnosed me as still a suspect subject to a change in lifestyle for the next weeks. Having a free shoe shine weekly could be my antidote to temporary deficiency in wellness.  (The doctor likewise gave an advice, a cup of coffee is fine.)

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