Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revisiting the UP Theatre

Celebrating Dulaang UP’s 35th Anniversary, a theatre group founded by Professor Tony Mabesa, I dropped by the UP campus on a weekend to reminisce how it was performing the 1st season. Colleague Professor Alex Cortez is now the groups’ Artistic Director and Professors Mabesa and Leticia Tison, the department’s Professor Emeriti. The rest of the crew and actors are complete strangers to me now.

Diliman is still how I recollected it was in my college years. The icons* associated with the university are still strongly suggestive of the institution. The Oblation, Carillion, Palma Hall, Palma corridors, foliage of acacia and the main library are collectively for me my academic scholarship.

Albeit the new structure and new traffic regulations, it still is the same campus that nurtured my learning day in day out for 4 years.

Perhaps I never really left the institution as my mind is lucid perennially still in search of knowledge, in the fields of management or social sciences. (Geographically, I have not left the district as I still live in the city.)

Enjoy viewing the images and the sculptures of Filipino heroes created by the Fine Arts students.

*a sign (as a word or graphic symbol) whose form suggests its meaning

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