Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reassessing the MFPI Vision Mission

11 years after formulating the MFPI Vision Mission under the leadership of Ari Ben Sebastian, major transformations have happened in the Philippine mountaineering community. Numbers of climbers and frequency of treks in a month have increased. Protocols have changes. Younger and more seasoned ones have joined the fray. From an extreme recreation, it has become main stream inviting a diverse base of adventure lovers. Technically advanced equipment and clothing are readily accessible even to novice climbers. Interests are shared with the adventure racer, divers, board surfer, triathlete and virtual athlete. Playground has expanded from the popular mountains to the un-trekked ones covering not only the Philippines but other continents as well.

 The discipline of formulating has slightly evolved. But the basic approach has not changed.

  • Is the vision still compelling and exciting to the stakeholders?
  • Is the picture of how success looks like still the same?
  • Are there indicators to tell the stakeholders if we are succeeding?

For one, the stakeholders have changed. The more active and current practitioners are in better position to assess if the vision is still compelling. But does it matter to them?
  • We see a Philippine mountaineering community aware of their right and duty to be responsible mountaineers.
  • With a desire to climb, complemented by a commitment to the preservation of the mountain eco-system.
  • With a sense of adventure tempered by a due regard for safety.
  • Whose enjoyment of the climb is bounded by a healthy respect and sensitivity for fellow mountaineers and the local communities it encounters.

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