Wednesday, August 25, 2010

N. Ramirez Car Wash

The car wash stretch of N. Ramirez in Quezon City

This stretch is a convenient short-cut from Espana to E. Rodriquez avoiding the traffic lights and jeepney plying along Espana, Welcome Rotonda and E. Rod. Well cemented and properly maintained by the local QC Barangay, it is a popular 2 km. access road.

Lately, this residential area is emerging as a business zone. Car wash stalls in household garages and on the street have sprouted tapping water resources from the residential houses and drainage of the local district. Before, the only enterprises here are sari-sari stores which sell an assortment of prime household commodities. Now you already have a service outlet for motored vehicles which evolved to a service outlet serving carbonated beverages.

Nothing will stop the enterprising individual from building the channel if rooted on a real customer need. Satisfied here is a neat vehicle makeover for only P 65.0 on your way home.

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