Monday, August 09, 2010


The rainy week of 2 August even with the threat of Typhoon Domeng did not deter mobility as I swung from South to West in Metro Manila in several days in extreme weather conditions.

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Available personal and mass transport made movement easier. Sedan drives one long distance, Light Rail Transport moves mass commuters to popular destination in a breeze; jeepney, calesa and tricycles transport groups to unfamiliar corners.

Walking is still the most convenient way to cross short distances.

Base is a newly constructed premiere hotel in an industrial park in the South providing a panoramic view of the Laguna province.

When in the city, the LRT moving platform is the most efficient means to Chinatown and Malate.

Jeepney, calesa and tricycle are readily available to navigate hard to enter alleys and flooded areas in short distances.

If mountaineering by The Mountaineering Books is “freedom of the hills,” urban travel is “freedom of mobility.” I work because I have to live. I travel because I need to live. It is this freedom that I relish as I derive pleasure from the travel.

(Photos taken while on of field test of a compact Nikon OLED camera.)

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