Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freedom of Mobility

Freedom that I relish the most are freedom of mobility and choice (of food).

Mobility is the ability to move around without any constraint tapping available resources. In the city there are several: the most common and often untapped is walking, the most efficient is the MRT Blue line that traverses from North EDSA to ESA Taft, the LRT1 Yellow Line from Monumento to Baclaran and the LRT2 Purple line from Santolan in Pasig to Recto in Manila. Popular are jeepneys, tricycles, taxicabs and a creation of the decade, the FX.

Islands are crossed by air, land and sea.

Freedom to move around allows a wider freedom of choice of food. Choosing is the prerogative to point, in the local language, point-point or “turo-turo.” Proof of the moving is the eating.

Harry Potter's Mode

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  1. Anonymous2:12 AM

    tagal na ng pic na yan ah.... brings back the memories... still looking at a 2mp casio exilim.... now wondering, when and where shall be our next destination?